Boiler Systems

K & E carries HTP high efficiency boilers. Whether you need the traditional reliability of American made Cast Iron gas boilers, or the latest high efficiency gas boiler systems, we have the experience and support necessary to help you make profitable choices.

The fastest growing segment in boiler heating today is high efficiency modulating water boilers. Based on technology first used in Europe and the Far East, these products a generally light weight, space saving, and utilize advances control and operating systems.

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Incorporating the latest advancements in low mass modulating condensing boiler technology, our boiler line up has best in class features throughout the designs making them the most efficient products in the market and at a competitive price. Their aesthetic appeal, versatility, and serviceability make them the right choice for residential or commercial hydronic space heating.

Keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year long with a geothermal heat pump.

Boiler Systems are small and silent when operating.

Programming modes allow you to only use the system when you need too.

Boiler Systems are easily installed in new construction and retrofitting.

The system cannot freeze even during the coldest winters

Boiler Heating is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving process